Spring Ball Right Around The Corner

Now that recruiting is over and everyone is recovered it’s time to shift our focus to UND Spring ball.

This will be a very important spring ball session for a number of reasons.

  1. This will be the deepest, most talented team in the UND D1 era.
  2. The UND coaching staff returns intact, once again.  This is obviously a plus for continuity in the program.
  3. Last year’s freshman class that just redshirted is very talented and has a number of prospects that will push their older counterparts for playing time.  We will get into that more in the next week or so.
  4. A few positions groups, like OL, need to improve heading into 2017.  Last season, that group did not play as well as they did in 2015.  The freshman offensive lineman will push the incumbents for starting spots, guaranteed.
  5. The four transfers/early enrollees that started school in January will get their chance to learn the schemes early and show what they can do.  This is big for next fall.

Spring Ball starts March 3rd.  Most all practices will be in the HPC, barring some unbelievable heat wave passing through this spring.

The annual UND Coaches Clinic will be March 24-25th at The Alerus Center/HPC.

The Spring Game will be Friday, April 14th.  A bit of a change this year due to Easter being that Sunday, the 16th.


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  1. Moon

    Quote: 1.”This will be the deepest, most talented team in the UND D1 era”

    I have heard and seen this comment many times. I wonder why we keep on saying the “D1 era”? Do people think UND had deeper and talented teams in the “DII” era?

    Also, I really enjoy reading this site and wanted to thank you guys for doing this!!

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